Ye Ole Pipe Shoppe & Cigar Lounge is Jackson, Tennessee’s #1 Cigar and Tobacco Shop and has been proudly serving Jackson TN cigars for over 30 years.

Ye Ole Pipe Shoppe & Cigar Lounge sells major brands of cigars such Arturo Fuente, Rocky Patel, and Drew Estate. We have wall-to-wall shelves packed full of cigars and a humidor (a humidity-controlled room used to store and protect various forms of tobacco to keep them at an ideal moisture level).

We go above and beyond to ensure that the products sold at the shop are in their best condition.

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Ye Ole Pipe Shoppe & Cigar Lounge is located in Suite G of 581 Old Hickory Boulevard and is open Monday through Saturday. To learn more, visit their Facebook page or call them at 731.668.8999.

Our shop has been voted the 2019 Jackson Sun Readers’ Choice Awards (Shopping) Best Tobacco Shop in Jackson TN. Ye Ole Tobacco shop is a member of the Jackson Chamber.


  • Look for a shape that you like and make sure it feels comfortable smoking.
  • Check the wrapper; it should not have any gaps or tears.
  • Avoid any cigar with spots.
  • Avoid any cigar that feels dry or that flake.
  • Choose a cigar with a sheen. (this shows it was well cared for)
  • Make sure the cigar is well filled with tobacco; it should feel firm with no weak spots or dents.
  • If you enjoy the smell of the cigar, you will likely enjoy the taste as well.

We carry a variety of different brands and we are always updating our selections. See the list below for the brands we sell.